Why is Teaching the Most Important Profession?

Teachers have the capacity to shape the minds and futures of many – and they do so at all kinds of critical life stages. Kindergarten teachers introduce young minds to the wonder of learning – and to the basic tools of learning that students will use their entire lives. Middle School teachers have the onerous challenge of instilling a passion for academics in large groups of teens and tweens, whose minds are so deeply focused on developmental issues and their idiosyncratic social worlds. High school teachers are charged with teaching detailed intellectual content to large groups of “near adults” – whose worlds are often tumultuous on the inside and on the outside.

Our teachers here all have the same mission on mind that is to inspire young adults – teaching them the nuts-and-bolts of highly specialized content areas while showing them how limitless their life possibilities are. We have the most dedicated teachers who have professionally shaped young individuals to become successful life-long learners.

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