We offer online credit courses to open doors for post-secondary studies for students

Why Choose Us?

We offer an excellent program including high-quality instructional videos, practices with instant feedback, interactive labs, and online face to face discussions with the teacher that ensure A-level academic achievement.

What is our Credential?

All tutorials are conducted by OCT qualified teachers who are already teaching in public and private schools.

What can I do to improve my score?

Discuss the questions you have with your teacher when you finish the day's lesson.

Can I study outside Canada?

You can study anywhere in the world as long as you can access internet.

How Can I Register?

Simply by text 6473230668 and name the course you wish to have tutorial in.

How do I begin study after I register?

Your elearn account will be set up within 24 hours. You will have full access to your course material after that.

How long it takes to finish a course?

Tutorial happens at your own pace.

What is within my Welcome Package?

You will receive a Welcome Package including eLearn account and password and how to navigate the your learning platform.

Are there any live tutorial?

Yes! There are live tutorials!

How are lessons organized?


Lessons are posted twice a week, each week will be around 9 hours of study including tests/quizzes. There will be around 13 weeks for each course.

What constitutes attendance?

You are required to log into your course everyday for 2 hours, weekend log-ins are optional. When you log in, you need to click present in "Attendance".

What is the technology requirement to study online?

You need a computer and internet access.

Grade 10 Literacy Requirement: OSSLT

Students get their tutorials with the same material as their OLC4O course.

Assessment and Evaluation

Final mark constitutes 70% of regular course activities (forum discussion, online quiz, tests/assignments) and 30% of final student product evaluation.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Students with foreign study experiences are recognized. Each course has prerequisite skills assessments.

Achievement Chart

Achievement chart is used by all subject teachers to assess students work (conversation, observation, and products) and to offer feedback under each criteria.

Tutorial Withdrawal Policy

Students can withdraw from a tutorial any time.