What are our students saying about us?

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Danny Zhao

I like the school very much! I love the online quizzes that give me instant feedback! It just feels better to work on a computer than coming to a school full of mass and drama.

Vivian Gui

I like the school. The teachers are responsive, they usually answer your questions within a day. You never feel helpless.

John Li

They give you a welcome package where you would know all the students email. We form study groups to make it work better than having a real teacher.

Ben Kuo

The English teacher is very patient, they are always support and trying to find new ways to help.

Jacky Xiao

I never worry about not fit in at online school. The course platform is well designed, and I love love the format of teaching.

Kay Liang

The school help you apply for your university and program. I never had to worry meeting all the deadlines. all the staffs are just so dedicated.


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